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I'll scratch your back if you…
... link to my site ?!
That's right, this strategy involves offering your skills and expertise, whatever they may be, to a webmaster in exchange for a link. For example, if you're a plumbing website in Queens NY, you'd do well to offer to fix those leaky taps at the local community center in exchange for a link from their site.
This is a great little strategy often overlooked by the SEO community. I've acquired some great links over the years from doing'pro-bono' SEO consultancy. I'd then ask the organization if they'd be kind enough to link to my site from theirs, and to this date I've had 100% success rate with this.

The reason this technique works so well is that people can feel somewhat affronted when offered money for something they'd never considered selling. Offer them a service instead and they can taste the benefits already.

Having a dedicated team that work remotely enables us to provide affordable SEO services compared to many other local SEO companies.

As we have many years of experience and excellent processes in place, our SEO agency is able to hire qualified staff as and when required, thereby allowing us to scale up to meet our customer's exacting requirements.

Hand on heart, I only truly became good at link building just a few years ago. Previously, I'd spent years trying to work out shortcuts and use my time as efficiently as possible. It's a rite of passage for every SEO, but using the latest'clever' techniques to pull the proverbial wool over Google's eyes is sooner or later discovered to be a waste of time, money, and effort.
Yes, I was as guilty of this as the next man at trying to get more for less. But today, you're at an unfathomable advantage in reading this book before you've cut your teeth on link acquisition. You're in fact standing right now on the mountainous smouldering embers of all my failures, and I welcome you to take the wormhole route to one simple fact:
The'trick' to SEO, is that there is no trick.
Getting high-quality links coming to a website is nothing more than a value exchange.
If a link is worth getting, you can bet your life you'll need to deliver some kind of real value in exchange for it. Whether it's time, money, a favorite, expertise, or content / information; you're going to' pay'for it one way or another.
That may not seem very profound, but it really changed my way of looking at off-page optimisation. I accepted that thinking I was going to outsmart thousands of extremely well paid software engineers in Google's Search Team by using a trick I'd seen on an SEO forum, was, at best, a little naive. At worst, it was just plain arrogant ..
Please learn from this. You might as well re-appropriate all your time and energy into thinking about the potential value you could offer webmasters in exchange for quality links to your site.

I'm about to list the five main currencies of value you can approach webmasters with to exchange for links. I'll be honest though. Out of the five, there's only one strategy I believe delivers enough return on